WPA (GPO) is a non-governmental, non-political, international organization dedicated to serving peasants.


World Peasant Association (WPA) is initiated by 27 countries,regions and related international peasants’ organizations including Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Korea, Syria, Togo, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Cyprus, Poland, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Palestine, and China. Global Peasant Organization (GPO) is an international professional organization incorporated in Hong Kong and is an essential part of WPA. WPA (GPO) is a non-governmental, non-political, international organization dedicated to serving peasants. By strengthening cooperation among peasants' organizations in various countries, it helps peasants' organizations in member countries to improve their ability to manage the output of agricultural products in fields, mountains, rivers, grasslands, lakes, rivers and oceans, such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, to enhance technology exchange, to improve production efficiency, to promote information exchange on production, processing, logistics and marketing of agricultural products, to strengthen mutual assistance and cooperation, to increase the circulation channels of agricultural products between countries and to improve peasants' income. Through various means, we provide jobs and increase incomes to help low-income peasants and the landless urban poor in less developed countries and regions to get out of poverty and become rich, so as to gradually develop from the basic "two assurances and three guarantees" to a well-off society and eventually achieve common prosperity, and work with peasants' organizations in member countries to building a community with a shared future for humanity. We will move forward hand in hand with the peasants' organizations of the member countries. WPA (GPO) conducts science and technology-related research on agricultural products, enhances agricultural-related educational practices, increases public awareness of agricultural practices, protects and conserves natural resources, and respects, responds to, and protects the environment. It works to enhance agricultural product processing, marketing, and distribution, adopt appropriate national and international policies for the provision of agricultural credit, employ international policies on agricultural commodity agreements, and give member organizations any requested technical assistance. According to repeated requests from related international organizations and friends in many countries, WPA (GPO) should have a working environment with friendly relations, political stability, economic development, cultural tolerance, and social harmony. Following extensive deliberation, it was decided to base WPA (GPO) global headquarters in China, and to set up three continental offices in Latin America (São Paulo, Brazil), Africa (Accra, Ghana) and Asia (Bangkok, Thailand) and two regional offices in the Middle East and Greater China on the actual work requirements. The First International Conference of WPA (GPO) was held from December 15 to 16, 2022, in Senshan Town, Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, China, thanks to the efforts of China Agriculture Cooperation Association (CACA), the only designated administrative body of WPA (GPO) Greater China Region. The conference was initiated by the joint initiative of twenty-seven countries and regions, who sent representatives to participate in the conference through offline or online video, and the conference elected the First Executive Committee and Youth Committee. With the theme "People from Peasant, Peace Depend on Food," the conference created an open platform for global peasants to unite, cooperate, and work together, and initiated to build a community with a shared future for global peasants, laying a practical foundation for building a community with a shared future for humanity. Peasants are the foundation of humanity, and food is the foundation of security. China, the initiative’s creator and the conference’s host nation, emphasizes internationalization and openness, places a premium on national equality and solidarity, and works to push forward global agricultural cooperation to a new level. Peasants’ organizations of the member countries are equal, and they uphold the principles of “mutual respect, seeking common ground while reserving differences, mutual learning, and win-win cooperation”, and adhere to the guideline of “respecting, conforming to, and protecting nature.” The conference emphasized new technologies and promoted new ideas while paying particular attention to the demands of peasants’ organizations, agricultural technology, and global agricultural development trends. This boosted exchanges and cooperation among member countries. During the conference, the World Peasant Cooperation Initiative was unveiled. The World Peasant Forum was held at the same time. Focusing on the theme of " The Convergence of Global Digital Economy and Modern Agriculture," Chinese and foreign guests gave keynote addresses from the perspective of agriculture in their own countries. They were optimistic and full of expectations for the future development of the WPA (GPO), believing that WPA (GPO) will undoubtedly benefit the world's peasants and offer new development opportunities for humanity.

List of the First Executive Committee of World Peasant Association (Global Peasant Organization)

Executive Director: Nicos Ioannou (Cyprus) Janusz Piechocinski (Poland) Krishna Prasad Oli (Nepal) Shi Yazheng (China) Jacky Chen (Thailand) Shahid Firoz (Pakistan) Secretary General: James Zhang